Travel Tips for the Inexperienced Traveler – How to Cut Hours Off Your Flight

Anyway, Josh asked me to write a new post that wasn’t related to the industry in any way, shape or form whatsoever. Hope this one is of good enough quality Josh. 😉 On to the travel tips…

Arrival at a Tropical DestinationWe’ve all been there. Traveling to a far off state or country, on the day of departure we figure out that we’ve forgotten some essential like our cell phone charger, or we didn’t check in to our flight until we arrived at the airport. Well, thankfully there are ways to mitigate such situations and turn your trip from one of near disaster to a smooth as silk experience. This article does not go into how to save money on your flight, however. Life hacker’s The Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide may be for you if that’s what you’re looking for. This article does discuss ways that you can cut out unnecessary travel steps that add frustration and hours to your travel time.

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4 Tech Concept Videos That’ll Make You Drool

So, Josh wanted me to post something that didn’t have to do with SEO or even marketing in general, apparently. This is the result. I hope you’re happy, Titsworth.

By any measurement, I am the stereotypical early adopter. I’m a middle-class white male in his mid 20’s with a basic college education. A room full of me would make any Silicon Valley marketer swoon.

With that said, I absolutely lose my mind over cool concept videos. Innovation makes me giddy. In general, I want every new gadget I see, but these four tech concept videos have a special place in my heart. I went as close to nuts as I ever have over these concept videos, and I think you’ll see why.

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Managing Client Expectations

Managing your client’s expectations is critical to being a successful SEO consultant – or any kind of consultant for that matter. If the client has completely unrealistic expectations for you, any SEO efforts that you undertake will be seen as unsuccessful regardless of whether or not you actually are successful.

Making sure that you and the client are on the same page begins even before any contracts are signed. You should be evaluating how reasonable and realistic a client is from your first interaction. Do they seem to think SEO is going to be a really quick project or think they are doing you a favor by giving you business? If so, you probably want to move on and recommend someone else that might be able to “better” help them. Stay away from people who think they are helping you out by giving you business. These people typically think that since you are working on the internet and the internet is fast, SEO will be a fast and cheap process. Usually they think SEO is somehow magic too. Run away.

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SEO Passions: Making Your Hobbies Work For You

I want to start by thanking Joshua for inviting me to blog as his guest. I treasure this opportunity and thank him for it.

After a summer of unemployment and a ghost town of SEO full-time in-house gigs, I spotted an unusual position at G4, the video game news site. I am a gamer girl, nerdy literature lover, Chicago-born, Los Angelian-ified; sometimes writer, always reader. So my heart burned at the hope of this opportunity, but my head steadied the beat – this could be another cover letter and resume with zero return. After all, I had applied at health care companies, eCommerce positions, a legal product company, and many more, with one interview and only a handful of callbacks from recruiters.

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Why SEO Never Changes

While search engines may change often, SEO does not. What really changes when algorithms are updated, either in tweaks or larger changes? The answer can vary but the advice rarely changes.

Create great content. Build quality links.

These two things will never change. Think you will ever hear the recommendation to an algorithm update be: scrape some content or your content isn’t important any more, just throw anything up. No. You will always want to have exceptional, unique content on your site. While on page factors might be decreasing in importance, it doesn’t mean that you would want to try and rank crap. Content is the foundation of your site; it will always be critical to your optimization, regardless of how important on page factors are.

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