12 Things I did on 12/12/12 I’ll never do again

12 Things I did on 12/12/12 I’ll never do again: 1. Decided to write a list of things to do on 12/12/12 and then do them so I’m not made out to be a liar 2. I bought a 44 oz Rooster Booster energy drink from QT and chugged it in my office (I may do this one again) 3. I used Internet Explorer 4. I used Bing as my default search engine for a whole hour 5. I posted an update to Google+ 6. I ate my lunch with a fork…I had soup 7. I put my headphones on the opposite ears to see if t

The newest changes to Grooveshark for mobile

I don’t work out near often as I should (shush Daniel) but when I do like most people I like listening to music. I’ve uploaded music to my iPhone but my library was limited and there wasn’t really any CDs in particular I was interested in buying, and then I’d have to upload it to sync it to my phone (which can take forever). Then I used the Pandora mobile app for a while, and in traditional Pandora style the “stations” began playing songs all over the place. Then the ads, my word the

What I Learned From Udacity

Several months ago Mike King (aka ipullrank) tweeted about a course that would teach people how to build a search engine. Being the curious type I am, I clicked the link to check it out. Upon first glance it just seemed like another online course, but this one wasn’t just online. It was taught by some pretty smart instructors from Stanford and Google fellows. It was called Udacity. The first video was an explanation that the purpose of the course was to teach an introduction to computer

10 Problem Hashtags On Twitter

Earlier tonight I saw a tweet from the always awesome excel Queen Annie Cushing that contained the hashtag “#firstworldseoproblems”. For whatever reason, perhaps my ADD, I clicked on it to see if others had used it. Much to my surprise at least one other person had. Then this got me thinking, what other problem hashtags are there that some people might not be aware of? And after some random searching, and after reading some really weird conversations *shakes head* I found ten problem hashta

Kiddo number two…up to date

I really need to get better at updating this when things happen. But honestly I thought I was gonna be writing for a dad-to-be publication and it kind of forced me to write stuff down. I’m normally not big on sharing personal stuff. I mean yeah, the “Personal” category has 56 posts under it but if you actually read them they aren’t very “personal”. Who knows, maybe it’s changing. Anyways, on to why you’re really here. I was rushing out the door lat