So, Josh wanted me to post something that didn’t have to do with SEO or even marketing in general, apparently. This is the result. I hope you’re happy, Titsworth.

By any measurement, I am the stereotypical early adopter. I’m a middle-class white male in his mid 20’s with a basic college education. A room full of me would make any Silicon Valley marketer swoon.

With that said, I absolutely lose my mind over cool concept videos. Innovation makes me giddy. In general, I want every new gadget I see, but these four tech concept videos have a special place in my heart. I went as close to nuts as I ever have over these concept videos, and I think you’ll see why.

Google’s Project Glass

Ignoring all the potential safety hazards of a real-life HUD glasses, this concept video made me excessively excited. I told my wife that I would sell my kitten, Maximus, in order to buy them. She was more than a little unhappy with me for a while.

It’s extra exciting, because I can see exactly how something like that would be possible. Goosebumps.


If you’re going to make something that turns Minority Report’s “futuristic” technology into a modern, usable product, I’m going to buy it. Good gravy, you’re telling me I can POINT at the screen and control it? You’ve just made my dreams come true.

While the full 3D modeling and manipulation of Iron Man’s Jarvis are quite distant, this little device that allows you to use in-air gestures to control digital elements is about the coolest thing I’ve seen this year.

iPad 3 Concept Features

The launch of “the new iPad” debunked all of these “potential” features, but goodness, this concept video is still brilliant. Portable, 3D holographic competitive gaming? It’s like Dejarik, but with better graphics!

Let the wookie win.

Let the wookie win.

A Day Made of Glass

This video made me want to invest in Corning. No lie, I’m now keeping tabs on their stocks solely because of this video.

The vision of the Corning company is truly inspiring, and the impeccable design sense evident in this video really makes me happy. I lost my mind over this video. Seriously, I was non-functioning for a full day.

Those are some of my favorite tech concept videos. What are your favorites? Did I miss any? Talk to me.

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  1. Nice! Apple always make wicked commercials and on the same note produces awesome stuff. I guess it’s easier to make a sweet ad when you don’t have to try too hard. The technology of the Corning commercial is scary. Think of YouTube! It seemed cool but now there seems to be a commercial before every single video! As a tech guy I love the technology but hate what will be done with it. Thanks for the post Mitch


  2. hi Mitch! so your job is only posting content here right? so you just like a funny robot..right? coz I already done a big comment on it but you didn’t respond yet! there are lots of idiot person I see & we need to work against people like you. idiot..

    • Actually Mitch’s job (which he’s awesome at) isn’t on this site. And you haven’t “done a big comment” here so I’d have to contend you’re the idiot. idiot..