Greetings readers! I know some of you may be a bit surprised to read a post not pertaining to 101 alternative uses for “random item”. Truth be told I really wanted to, but work just got busy and I really couldn’t get focused on writing a complete list. So instead of letting the blog go neglected for a week I’d do another “25 favorited tweets” post. I’ve done two in the past but haven’t really done any in a while. Some of them have been industry related (SEO & SMM) and some not. I’ve amassed over 200 or so favorite tweets and just picked 25 that haven’t been used. But enough rambling, here is my third set of 25 favorited tweets:


That does it for me. If you have any that stick out to you please feel free to link to them in the comments below!

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  1. The @UN declared Internet Access a Human Right today: via @Pistachio @KatieS

  2. Josh, haha…thanks for including me in your 25 favorite tweets part 3. 🙂

    Timothy Carter

    • Well you know, I had to boost your self-esteem 😛