12 Things I did on 12/12/12 I’ll never do again:

1. Decided to write a list of things to do on 12/12/12 and then do them so I’m not made out to be a liar

2. I bought a 44 oz Rooster Booster energy drink from QT and chugged it in my office (I may do this one again)

3. I used Internet Explorer

4. I used Bing as my default search engine for a whole hour

5. I posted an update to Google+

6. I ate my lunch with a fork…I had soup

7. I put my headphones on the opposite ears to see if there was a difference (there was)

8. I organized my desktop icons (I just deleted them and moved the files into one folder on my external hard drive)

9. I listened to country music all the way home

10. I watched the 1972 “horror” movie, Frogs

11. I thought about playing Farmville

12. I left coffee in the coffee pot at work so I can reheat it in the morning and drink it (no I won’t)