Problem Hashtags

Earlier tonight I saw a tweet from the always awesome excel Queen Annie Cushing that contained the hashtag “#firstworldseoproblems”. For whatever reason, perhaps my ADD, I clicked on it to see if others had used it. Much to my surprise at least one other person had. Then this got me thinking, what other problem hashtags are there that some people might not be aware of? And after some random searching, and after reading some really weird conversations *shakes head* I found ten problem hashtags I’d like to share:

1. #firstworldseoproblems

2. #catladyproblems

3. #blondeproblems

4. #dogownerproblems!/semrowe/status/193540624018976768

5. #insomniaproblems

6. #addproblems

7. #LoLproblems

8. #googleproblems

9. #dirtylaundryproblems

10. # teenageangstproblems


Have you found or know of a few that aren’t listed here? Drop’em in the comments below with a link to an example and I’ll be more than happy to add it with a credit to whoever found it.